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How do IĀ get started using Blastable?

Getting started is easy. Load in your messaging and connect your business systems. You're all set. No need to train customer service reps.

Do you integrate with my current helpdesk software?

Yes! Blastable will integrate with all of your workflows and helpdesk channels.

How safe is Blastable? Will my information be secure?

Blastable is safe and secure. We do not collect, store or otherwise use your data for any purpose other than to manage your tickets.

How are you able to manage my tickets?

Because you provide all relevant information during onboarding, you won't need to train customer service reps. Blastable reps can tackle your tickets right away.

What percentage of my tickets can you handle?

With the proper templates in place we aim to manage 80% of your tickets or more.

I have custom internal tools. Can you work with that?

We are able to support just about any internal workflow.

What about brand voice?

Blastable software allows you full control of your brand and voice, literally at your fingertips.

Do you offer any guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with Blastable let us know within the first 30 days and we will refund your money.

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